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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 26, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning -- we take you inside stoneman douglas high school, as shooting survivors return. new details about the plan for the school going forward. and the new investigation into the police response. plus, ivanka trump answers whether she believes arming teachers will make kids safer. and the passion and emotion. athletes from stoneman douglas rally to win a state title. we're there for the celebration. new this morning, a reported plan by president trump to have his personal pilot appointed head of the faa. a new look at the damage after a dozen tornadoes rip across the midwest. the death toll mounting. now the flood risks growing as rivers rise. later, images of a shocking
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race car crash. the driver's condition this morning. a carry-on bursts into flames on this airliner. and does milk really do a body good. why olympic athletes are saying, they don't got pilling. we do say good morning on this monday. we're going to start with the intensifying debate over gun laws as president trump prepares to gather more ideas today in the aftermath of the florida shooting. >> this this time, the president will hear from the nation's governors. he's sitting down with them today following a black tie event at the white house. this, as congress gets back to work under growing psh to make changes as well. >> reporter: good morning, diane and kendis. with congress back in session, pressure is on lawmakers to introduce legislation on gun control. so far, leaders have been
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silent. overnight, president trump at a gala with the nation's governors vowed to tackle the issue. >> that will be one of the subjects. and i thing we'll make that first on our list. because we have to end our country of what is happening with regard to that suspect. >> reporter: the president, who touted his second amendment credentials, is putting pressure on the nra. he proposed banning butch stocks, raising the purchasing age for semi-automatic weapons and background checks. >> the position is you don't want to raise the age. >> that's what the nra came out and said. that's correct. >> on the idea of raising the age of assault weapons from 18 to 21, are you personally supportive of that? >> i'm very skeptical about that. because the vast majority of 18, 19, 20, 21-year-olds are law- e law-abiding citizens. >> and if they had concealed
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permits, you wouldn't have this problem today. >> reporter: it's an idea his own daughter questions, telling nbc -- >> to be honest. i don't know. obviously, there would have to be an incredibly high standard for who would be able to bear arms in our school. >> reporter: neither house speaker paul ryan nor mitch mcconnell have publicly called for legislation. diane? kendis? >> tara, thank you. this week begins the slow return to school for teachers and students. the broward county sheriff is under pressure to explain his department's response. this morning, an inside look. students share these videos with abc news as they return for the first time after the massacre that left 17 people dead. >> it's heavy. after imagining what wept down the and seeing the building again, it's a lot. >> reporter: thousands of people, including students and
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parents, attended a voluntary campus orientation. >> it feel sad. i'm not going to lie. it feels, a lot of backpacks in classrooms that kids were not allowed to take that day. so, um -- you know, and you see a lot of students crying. >> reporter: the freshman building where the massacre happened are will never be used again. the superintendent says it will be torn down and likely the scene of a memorial park. meanwhile, florida governor rick scott calling for an investigation into the shooting response. as the broward county sheriff comes under pressure to resign. 74 republican law makers sent a letter to governor scott, urging him to suspend sheriff scott israel, a democrat, accusing he and his department of ignoring the mounting evidence against the shooter. >> it was a shameful, plitly motivated letter. that had no facts. of course i won't resign.
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>> teachers will be back at school today. class resume on wednesday on a modified schedule. and president trump's longtime personal pilot could get a promotion. john duncan flew then can't trump's plane. axios reports he's been interviewed to be an faa administrator. senator dianne feinstein has failed to secure an endorsement from her fellow democrats for her re-election bid. she was criticized as the party's convention for being weak on immigration. talks between the u.s. and north korea may be closer to becoming a reality. the north is willing to meet with the trump administration. that came hours after kim jong-un called tougher sanctions imposed by the u.s. an act of war. back here at home, a
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snowmobiler has been killed after an avalanche in washington state. the 32-year-old was among a group of five people in the mountains about an hour outside of seattle. they were taking a break when the snow above them broke free. three people were completely buried, including that man and his wife. at least five deaths blamed on the veer storms that have hit the midwest. 12 tornadoes from arkansas to kentucky this weekend, flattening homes, uprooting trees, and scattering debris. the damage across 750 miles. heavy rain has triggered a flooding emergency from missouri to indiana and kentucky. the ohio river is in moderate flood stage in many locations. we get a closer look at your monday forecast. ♪ >> good morning. though we have high pressure in place, the problem here, with all the green, the rivers will still remain very high and
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flooding throughout the ohio valley region. where is that heavy rain going to? the southeast, with thunderstorms along the southeast coast. on tuesday, things change up a bit. look for transition with the return full of moisture to kick it throughout the south central part of the country. bracing for downpours. i'm paul williams. ♪ coming up, big news for coffee drinkers who like girl scout cookies. first, the fire risk for those slow cookers known as instant pots. one owner describes what went wrong. and monica lewinsky's new
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we're back now with a fiery
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crash at a racing event in arizona. watch as driver john force suffers an engage blowout which rips off the body of his car. the car veers offtrack into another driver. you can see how serious this crash was. believe it or not, both drivers are okay. overseas now, nigeria's government confirms more than 100 schoolgirls are missing after boko haram attacks happened. the same group kidnapped nearly 300 girls in 2014. in syria, the government forces have launched new attacks on rebels in a suburb of damascus in a violation of a u.n. cease-fire. two medical facilities were reportedly hit. the government estimates at rebuilding the country after seven years of war will cost $200 billion.
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monica lewinsky is speaking out this morning, crediting the me too movement for shedding light on the relationship she had with bill clinton. she said she realizes she's not alone anymore. she now realizes the affair was a gross abuse of power be i the president. she said given my ptsd and my understanding of trauma, it is very likely that my thinking would not necessarily be changing had it not been for the me too movement. new concerns about the popular brand of pressure cookers known as the instant pot. the company is responding to reports that one of the models can overheat and melt. one woman said she saw a part of the cooker breaking apart and moetsed the bottom was melting and the wires were scorched. >> i was scared. i'm glad i found it before i tried to use it again. >> the company says the issue afights the gem 65 model. we have full details on our
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website. if you like girl scout cookies and you like coffee, duncan doughnuts is offering the perfect combo. they're offering thin mint, carmel, and peanut butter flavored coffee. when we come back, a new box office record for "black panther." ahead, major accomplishment for athletes at stoneman douglas high school 11 days after the school shooting. and caught on camera. what caused a carry-on bag to burst into flames on this flight? at happy family, we're on a mission to keep them that way. it's why our delicious organic yogurt is made without any added sweeteners. because that adorable belly is sweet enough already. introducing happy baby & happy tot whole milk yogurt with probiotics. because happy starts on the inside.
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and we turn to a shocking sight on an overseas flight. a passenger and a flight attendant tried to extinguish a fire inside a carry-on by throwing water and juice at the flames. the fire broke out on the china southern airlines flight. it was sparked by a customer's spare power bank. earlier this month, a phone charger was the cause of this fire. police outside bost reason trying to figure out a motive for a deadly attack inside a public library. a22-year-old medical student was stabbed if the head and chest while sitting in the winchester library over the weekend. 23-year-old jeffrey yao was arrested at the scene. police are not saying if the two knew each other. yao's neighbors said they called authorities several times, warning he had become aggressive. police in tulsa, oklahoma,
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have identified an armed robber on camera. the man with the gun is tyrone lee. you can see the gunman holding up the liquor store when the mother ah shot him in the leg. he continued to take her. her daughter opened fire. they managed to run outside and call police. >> i knew she was here to protect me. i was going to be there to protect her as well as best as i could and as best as i knew how. >> the suspect is in the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. police say he's behind a string of rekent armed robberies. we turn to the winter olympics. which just wrapped up. team usa's performance was not the only disappointment there. the tv ratings were down a whopping 4% among younger viewers. compared to the previous winter games. >> the games ended with a dance party. the athletes went to the floor of the stadium u.s. skier
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lindsey vonn led a conga line. the olympic flag was lowerened and handed to the mayor of beijing. the home of the 2022 games. the final medal count. norway, very impressive for a country of 5 million people. it won 39 medals. the united states came in fourth place with 23. >> whoo-hoo! yeah. this sporting event for the students who survived the school shooting in florida. >> less than two weeks after the horror of that day, the high school hockey players have become the state champions. they overcame tremendous odds, thanks to fierce determination. we get more from andrea mcdevitt. >> reporter: hockey is not easy. but then again -- >> terror in south florida today a t a south florida high school. >> there are at least 17 people
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dead. 12 in the school building. >> reporter: neither is life. >> i'm glad to be alive. and -- i live for them now. >> reporter: less than two weeks removed from a maz shooting that killed 17 of their classmates and teachers, the marjory stoneman douglas hockey team entered the day as the bottom seed for the state title. they would have to beat two teams they already lost to. >> we didn't have good hopes. >> they beat east lake in the semis. went right to work in the state title game. putting up a four spot on jesuit in the first, before coasting to a 7-4 state championship win. >> no one was lacking energy. we were all ready. this wasn't for us, this was for the 17 victims. we played for them. it was so passionate, emotional. we played for them. bad things lead to good things.
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it's nice to have this. we plan to bring all our medals to the school. there were 17 of us on the ice. we want won one for every person that passed away. >> we almost didn't come. we didn't know if we wanted to play. i'm happy to be alive. >> amazing with so much going on they could keep composure, focus, and bring home the cup. >> and they were underdogs throughout the tournament. up next, tiger woods' most memorable shot in a long time. and also ahead, the debate over whether milk really does a body good. and the highly anticipated movie about cheetos.
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we're back with your monday "pulse." we start with olympic yas taking aim at milk. >> milk life commercials airing during the olympics told viewers 9 out of 10 olympic athletes grew up on it. >> but, dur last night's olympics ceremony, a new ad featuring a dairy free, plant-based diet featured six olympians. the milk industry has not yet responded. no doubt, they won't be all about this. and the story behind a favorite snack is being made into a movie. "flamin' hot" will be about the the man who accidentally created flamin' hot che rks tos. >> he was a janitor in the 1970s. he spiced up a batch of cheetos
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with ingredients in a popular mexican street food. flamin' hot che rks tos became the company's best-selling snack. >> he's now in management for the parent company, pepsi. bidding rights for the movie was said to be highly competitive. >> everybody loves them. so tiger woods is hitting them long and straight again and apparently, that's bad news for any sort of animals. living -- yeah, near a golf course. >> definitely that one. >> here's woods at a tournament in palm beach gardens, florida. >> so, watch as the long drive lands in the fairway. but, oh, bounces off a goose that was out for a sunday stroll. the goose -- you can see, takes a bit of a knock. >> uh huh. >> but, bounces back. walks around. woods eventually did a birdied that hole. >> in more ways than one. i would say. >> birdied. >> birdied.
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yeah. >> getting over to fashion. not a lot of walking going on in italy. >> the show in milan went airborne. the hand bags came down the catwalk carried by drones. audience members had to shut off wi-fi and hot spots so they didn't interfere with the drones. >> and voila. then came the handbags. a lot of out of work models as a result of this. more news. alice is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression
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0. good morning, happy monday, 44:47 a.m., we're following breaking news, one person is dead another has serious injuries after an overnight shooting in norristown. we're live on the scene gathering details. it's been a round the clock effort in the lehigh valley getting buses back on the road this morning following a devastating fire last week. sky6 live hd looking at penns landing, meteorologist david murphy is tracking fog. don't see it here, a lot of other places have it. more rain and look at traffic, as well. "action news" is next. midwest. the flooding worries continue along the ohio river. talk about a close call. not much closer than a car
4:28 am
slamming into a baby's room at a home in southern california. >> a mother and child had just left the room where the car struck. melissa mcbrian shows us. >> reporter: 14-month-old ace will get more sleep than his parents tonight. they keep envisioning what could have happened if the car seen on their surveillance video slamming into their house driven down the street moments earlier. >> i got done changing his diap diaper. i did laundry today. i was putting away some of his clothes. he was helping me. >> reporter: the car flipped and slammed into ace's room right after he and his mother left and went into the living room. his crib now crushed. the wall kaifd in. >> i heard the screeching. we started feeling what felt like a huge earthquake. >> reporter: marie called her husband, alex, just five minutes away. >> i can visualize it in my head if he was in there. i mean, i'm always changing him in there. so is she. i thank the lord she wasn't in
4:29 am
there. >> reporter: the police said the driver wasn't drinking. they claimed they were going 40 miles per hour. he says witnesses saw a didn't scenario. >> the report from the people were that he was street racing and that a car pulled in front of him so he had to swerve out of the way. that's why hi drove into my house. >> reporter: another car is seen on video speeding down the street in the same direction. the driver and passenger were not injured. alex and marie says the close call will have a lasting impact. >> maybe, sure, it was an accident. but, you know, this is family. you did this to us. it's like -- we're never going to be the same. >> uninjured. but definitely traumatic. >> absolutely. incredibly close. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> do stay with us for "gma" dpam. have a great monday.
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>> good morning, it is 4:30 a.m., monday, february 26. >> we're following breaking news. gunfire erupts in delaware county killing and we know leaving another fighting for their life. president trump proposes gun control measures in forida g and the ra is pushing back. -- and the nra is pushing back. lehigh valley tries to get school buses on the road after a massive


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